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Altek Fuel Group is pleased to announce that the extensive testing of its lab prototype, APS 100, demonstrates the creation of a fuel cell with a steady specific energy above 300wh/kg.  The results of the fuel consumption (industrial aluminum) analysis show the ability to create a... Read more

ALTEK completely has retooled every aspect of the design, structure and manufacturing process to create a more efficient, higher performing final market volume product.
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The University of Toronto conducted a successful, third-party evaluation of Altek Fuel Group Inc.'s (AFG) Gas Diffusion Electrode (GDE) and its Membrane Electrode Assembly (MEA) for PEM/Alkaline fuel cells to verify their... Read more

Gas Diffusion Electrodes and Membrane Electrode Assemblies for Fuel Cells
ALTEK has developed proprietary, uniquely structured, catalyzed Gas Diffusion Electrodes (GDEs).
ALTEK has developed a commercial manufacturing process that allows for hands-free fabrication of fully reproducible GDEs. The core of this technology is an extruded all-in-one design, creating a process that requires minimal man-hours.
GDEs can be used for the following:
1.       As intrinsic electrodes (as cathodes) for alkaline metal-air (particularly aluminum-air) fuel cells.
2.       For production of Membrane Electrode Assembly (MEA) for PEM Fuel Cells.
ALTEK’s MEAs, based on its proprietary GDEs, are suitable both for PEM and Alkaline fuel cells and can be used for portable, residential and transportation applications.
Compared with other leading fuel cell technology manufacturers, Altek's MEA technology has the leading edge in:
Altek's MEA has reached specific power parameters that are at least 1.5 to 2. 0 times as high as the leading industry benchmarks. (See  The AFG Difference)
Furthermore, the maximum current density has been enhanced by 1.4 to 1.8 times the benchmarks, while the voltage capability has vaulted by a ratio of 1.65.
Altek's MEAs are integrated-structures. They current collectors are encapsulated in a low electrical resistivity structure. The PEM Fuel Cell Stack, with Altek's MEAs, does not require heavy end plates, with numerous bolts and nuts, nor does it require bipolar plates between cells for current collection. It also does not require high pressure contact between the current collectors and the carbon structure. (see all-in-one design) 

The basic 10x10 cm MEA produced by other companies has an average price of about two hundreds dollars. Altek's MEA product, with the same performance or better, can be delivered for only a fraction of that price.


  • The product is durable and is cost-efficient.
  • No fan nor any auxiliary equipment (Balance of Plant - BOP) is required to maintain performance.
  • No separate dedicated oxygen supply is required.
  • GDE and MEA methods of manufacturing are ready for mass production and can be utilized for any size fuel cell.
  • The manufacturing process is reproducible.
  • The MEA can be configured into almost any shape during manufacturing, such as flat, tube, etc.  

 MEA Specs   GDE Specs

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