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Altek Fuel Group is pleased to announce that the extensive testing of its lab prototype, APS 100, demonstrates the creation of a fuel cell with a steady specific energy above 300wh/kg.  The results of the fuel consumption (industrial aluminum) analysis show the ability to create a... Read more

ALTEK completely has retooled every aspect of the design, structure and manufacturing process to create a more efficient, higher performing final market volume product.
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The University of Toronto conducted a successful, third-party evaluation of Altek Fuel Group Inc.'s (AFG) Gas Diffusion Electrode (GDE) and its Membrane Electrode Assembly (MEA) for PEM/Alkaline fuel cells to verify their... Read more

Power Supply
Altek has developed and is ready to commercialize an affordable “breakthrough”, alkaline aluminum-air fuel cell technology, which will fulfill tremendous demand for a reliable non-fossil source of energy and accelerate the commercial reality of fuel cell-powered portable and stationary devices.
Altek provides fuel cell power solutions for applications with a wide variety of portable requirements such as run duration, energy storage capacity, size, weight, durability, cost, shelf life and fueling convenience.
The principal applications are numerous portable electronic devices and electrical appliances with power usage from 20 watts - up to 10 kilowatts.
The immediate end users of Altek’s products will be hundreds of thousands business travelers who constantly use their laptops, camcorders, PDA”s and mobile phones on the road. Families and small businesses that are frustrated by the tremendous discomfort brought on by power failures; camping lovers, truck drivers, all car and boats owners, portable device and equipment owners. They will buy this product with great expectations because there are no products with equivalent value and benefits on the market today.
Many firefighting, police, search and rescue, medical, scientific and military applications require extended run-times from their portable equipment for extended operations when the conventional power grid is unavailable.
APS 100
Altek’s initial product APS 100 can be used as an autonomous electrical power source, which can easily be carried around, does not require connection to the electrical grid, and can provide a consistent power supply to almost ALL of your electronic equipment, devices and appliances (under 100W) separately or simultaneously for as long as necessary.
APS products will be a welcome enhancement tothe Li-ion and lead-acid batteries, with time consuming, overly grid dependent, and insufficient operating time and distance coverage.
Unlike solar and wind technologies, APS 100 operates continuously regardless of time of day or weather conditions and can be placed in any location.
The use of the APS 100 has a number of advantages over existing battery and fuel cell technologies:
·         Components and fuel are safe, readily available and inexpensive;
·         Long shelf life without deterioration of power or capacity;
·         Ecologically safe during manufacturing process and operation;
·         Commercially utilizable or recyclable by-products;
·         Longest operation and standby time;
·         Compact and lightweight;
·         No flammable or combustible components inside the power supply system.
Benefits include high efficiency; unmatched environmental performance; high quality power; safe fuel; quiet operation; simplicity (no moving parts); modularity/scalability, which lead to high reliability, ease of maintenance; and adaptability to specialized application. The benefits offered by APS 100 are in great demand from both military and commercial customers.
Altek team has produced a working prototype of APS 100 that has undergone significant testing in its laboratory (initial core patent is pending). 
See picture and specifications of the APS 100 on the data sheet (click below).

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